Enchanting tales of his life, his travel, and exciting adventures along the way.

Kieran's Adventures

About the Author

Alan Wallach has been a computer consultant for many years. He is a technical writer who wrote a computer column in the Berkshire Eagle for 15 years and has had two technical books for the layman published. First was Plain English Guide to Your PC. Then came The Year 2000 Hoax, a book which correctly challenged the scare-mongers who erroneously predicted a major crash because of computer Y2K bugs.

The Kieran books were started to get a 10 year old reader to read a book. He wrote a few chapters and gave the protagonist the name, Kieran, the name of the 10 year old. It worked – he read the chapters and Alan was encouraged to write some more. He finished the book which Kieran read and asked for more. This gave Alan the impetus to continue the series. Books 1 and 2 are short books, about 70 pages. Book 3 is a continuation and he apparently got his writing chops back because it turned into a full length book, about 200 pages. Book 4 has just been finished and is also a full length book. He gave the books to other kids as well as some adults to read and got a very favorable response. What is significant is that the books are written at a level and with language that is interesting and fun for adults as well.